To build and contribute to the world a blockchain engine that helps drive the world forward in an open, equitable and just directions based on trust, consensus, and collaboration.

The engine is infinitely scalable, truly decentralized, comprehensively secure and trustworthy, able to support massive DAPPs and users, and provides a convenient, friendly, efficient and secure development and deployment environment.

It enables and synergizes the decentralized business of the new world to be easily built and connected through blockchain, fulfilling our mission of “Empowering the World with Trust”.


Thinkey adopts the means of Hierarchical Multi-layer Multi-Chain (HMMC) system architecture, PoS-based random election, TBFT, cross-chain and intra-chain sharding, multi-chain parallel computing, among other novel approaches to fundamentally solve the “Blockchain Trilemma”.

Fully Decentralized:A consensus node requires no permissions to join the network, and there is no notion of super nodes in the Thinkey network.

Unlimited Performance Scalability:Under the condition of ensuring decentralization and data consistency, Thinkey system performance can be infinitely scalable with the increased number of nodes and chains. It can support the application scenarios that demand massive number of users and application operations.

Data Consistency:Under the condition of malicious nodes existence, Thinkey guarantees data integrity and consistency across the network.


A Public Chain of Public Chains

From infrastructure point of view, Thinkey’s technical architecture fully support the development and deployment of DAPP, Industry Consortium Chain (ICC) and Application Public Chain (APC).

To build an APC on Thinkey, the developers do not need to fork the code or build from scratch but simply use Thinkey APC Development Platform to create and customize their own public chains.  

The APC Development Platform shields the developers from the complexity and idiosyncrasy of the underlying blockchain technology and empowers them to focus on application development as well as enables them with their own DAPP developer community. They can confidently promote their own branded blockchain with no expansion limitations with the underlying blockchain network. An APC operates on Thinkey mainnet to share, synergize and benefit from the flows and values of the Thinkey network ecosystem.

All-Purpose and Versatile Architecture

Thinkey blockchain employs a Hierarchical Multi-layer Multi-Chain (HMMC) architecture that provides the flexibility and scalability to the network. The number and relationship of chains can be dynamically adjusted based on application requirement. Thinkey network can be used as the blockchain infrastructure for both public and consortium chains simultaneously. Thinkey adopts a four-layer consensus protocol stack in its implementation from a system perspective to accommodate future system upgrades and extensions.

Fusion of Public and Consortium Chain

With the underlying technology of the Thinkey blockchain, enterprises can split their business data and logic according to their requirements. They can keep confidential parts into a trusted consortium chain and open another part of the business that requires sharing to the public chain. Thinkey supports both business confidentiality and value circulation. Business can easily adjust the split between the public chain and the consortium chain when needed. 

Parallel Execution of Complex Smart Contacts

The novel approach of using Actor-based parallel model by our technology flawlessly supports the concurrent execution of complex tasks, making large-scale blockchain application possible.

It is able to efficiently carry out a large number of transactions and support complex application operations demanding a massive number of users. Thinkey Blockchain makes viable and possible all application scenarios that have been impeded by the immaturity of the present state of blockchain technology.



The Thinkey Foundation Ltd is incorporated in the Republic of Singapore.