To build and contribute to the world a blockchain engine that helps drive the world forward in an open, equitable and just directions based on trust, consensus, and collaboration.

The engine is infinitely scalable, truly decentralized, comprehensively secure and trustworthy, able to support massive DAPPs and users, and provides a convenient, friendly, efficient and secure development and deployment environment.

It enables and synergizes the decentralized business of the new world to be easily built and connected through blockchain, fulfilling our mission of “Empowering the World with Trust”.


Thinkey adopts the means of Hierarchical Multi-layer Multi-Chain (HMMC) system architecture, PoS-based random election, TBFT, cross-chain and intra-chain sharding, multi-chain parallel computing, among other novel approaches to fundamentally solve the “Blockchain Trilemma”.

Fully Decentralized:A consensus node requires no permissions to join the network, and there is no notion of super nodes in the Thinkey network.

Unlimited Performance Scalability:Under the condition of ensuring decentralization and data consistency, Thinkey system performance can be infinitely scalable with the increased number of nodes and chains. It can support the application scenarios that demand massive number of users and application operations.

Data Consistency:Under the condition of malicious nodes existence, Thinkey guarantees data integrity and consistency across the network.


A Public Chain of Public Chains

From infrastructure point of view, Thinkey’s technical architecture fully support the development and deployment of DAPP, Industry Consortium Chain (ICC) and Application Public Chain (APC).

To build an APC on Thinkey, the developers do not need to fork the code or build from scratch but simply use Thinkey APC Development Platform to create and customize their own public chains.  

The APC Development Platform shields the developers from the complexity and idiosyncrasy of the underlying blockchain technology and empowers them to focus on application development as well as enables them with their own DAPP developer community. They can confidently promote their own branded blockchain with no expansion limitations with the underlying blockchain network. An APC operates on Thinkey mainnet to share, synergize and benefit from the flows and values of the Thinkey network ecosystem.

All-Purpose and Versatile Architecture

Thinkey blockchain employs a Hierarchical Multi-layer Multi-Chain (HMMC) architecture that provides the flexibility and scalability to the network. The number and relationship of chains can be dynamically adjusted based on application requirement. Thinkey network can be used as the blockchain infrastructure for both public and consortium chains simultaneously. Thinkey adopts a four-layer consensus protocol stack in its implementation from a system perspective to accommodate future system upgrades and extensions.

Fusion of Public and Consortium Chain

With the underlying technology of the Thinkey blockchain, enterprises can split their business data and logic according to their requirements. They can keep confidential parts into a trusted consortium chain and open another part of the business that requires sharing to the public chain. Thinkey supports both business confidentiality and value circulation. Business can easily adjust the split between the public chain and the consortium chain when needed. 

Parallel Execution of Complex Smart Contacts

The novel approach of using Actor-based parallel model by our technology flawlessly supports the concurrent execution of complex tasks, making large-scale blockchain application possible.

It is able to efficiently carry out a large number of transactions and support complex application operations demanding a massive number of users. Thinkey Blockchain makes viable and possible all application scenarios that have been impeded by the immaturity of the present state of blockchain technology.



Dr. Dai obtained his PhD in computer science from “Institute of Interdisciplinary Information” (IIIS), Tsinghua University. He specializes in distributed algorithm and has been working in the blockchain industry for many years. Dr. Dai is also involved more than ten years in the Internet industry and network security, including areas of big data and cloud computing. Winner of “National Science and Technology Progress Award” , in addition of 8 provincial and ministerial awards. Leading developer for the national “863 major project”.


Mr. Guo is a senior blockchain architect with extensive practical experience in blockchain architecture and R&D. He has 18 years of system architecture experience. Leading developer of SOHU and Aspire Chief System Architect.


Dr. Sun has a PhD degree in System Engineering. A blockchain expert who has deeply involved in the design of several blockchain projects, with extensive experience in blockchain project operation and investment research.


Mr. Liu has double bachelor’s degrees in software engineering and mathematics at Beihang University. He used to work for well-known Internet companies such as DiDi. He has independent entrepreneurial experience and abundant experience in product operation, marketing and business.


Dr. Fu graduated from “Yao Class”, Tsinghua University, B.E. and PhD in computer science from IIIS, Tsinghua University. Expert in randomized algorithms and is currently working on decentralized systems development, Dr. Fu has published several research papers in top-tier computer science conferences in China and US.


Mr. Chen is currently a PhD candidate at Georgia Tech. He received his M.S. in computer science from Tsinghua University. His major research interests lie in cryptography and security as well as in-depth research on blockchain security and encryption algorithms


Graduated from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, he had served as a service development leader in ST Electronic, Singapore. CTO of a community finance project in Master Financial Services Group, leader of R&D in Following Learning Group, technical partner of Internet Vehicle Insurance. And he had created the Beauty of Words APP.


Senior blockchain development engineer, DAPP expert, involved in multiple blockchain projects, imTube blockchain technology leader, years of embedded development experience, years of lottery game development leader.


Co-founder of asset tokenization blockchain project , consultant of upcoming Perth Mint digital coin and three startup companies. Activities ranged from running the Bulgarian branch of European affiliate network Investment Companys. Financial consulting and market analysis for “FORTON”, and “COLLIERS International”.


Ms. Wang is TaiG Jailbreak’s global community leader. She is the partner of digital monetary fund ChainVC and cofounder and former COO of Singapore Digital Currency Exchange YEX.


Dr. Gu is a professor in computer science at Guangzhou University. He obtained his B.E. and PhD from IIIS, Tsinghua Univerisity. His research interests include algorithm design, distributed algorithms, artificial intelligence and blockchain algorithms. He is a recipient of Microsoft Fellowship and a Hong Kong Scholar.


Professor Santa Clara University, Block Chain Privacy Protection Researcher, Security Expert, Algorithmic Expert


Dr. Yu is an assistant Professor of Computer Engineering at Santa Clara University, earned her Ph.D. degree from Department of Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering at University of Rhode Island. With expertise in trustworthy computing and cyber security.



20 years product and engineering leadership across enterprise software and large-scale consumer apps.Previously Consultant EIR at DNA Fund, VP Product at Ticketmaster, and Sr Director Product at Yahoo. Enterprise software engineering at Digital and Oracle. Startup experience as Founder/CTO of Mindhouse and CPO of Swirl and Cocodot.BSc, Business Information Systems (First Class Honours) from University of Portsmouth, UK.


Mr. Chang has been a serial entrepreneur that he founded Crossroads Cabinetry, the first custom luxury cabinetry e-commerce site in the US; co-founded cnYES.com, today’s leading financial online media of Taiwan; co-founded Clarent Corporation, the first IP Telephony company listed on NASDAQ. In early career, he served in various managerial and technical positions at IBM, Schlumberger, and Unisys. He has BS and MS degrees in Computer Science and received extensive management training through IBM corporate executive programs.


30+ years experience in cutting-edge enterprise software with wide expertise in distributed systems, concurrency, optimization, performance and system level programming.CTO at VAST (Big Data/AI), and senior engineering roles at IBM, Lombardi and Trilogy.MA, Electrical Engineering and Information Science from University of Cambridge, UK.



The Thinkey Foundation Ltd is incorporated in the Republic of Singapore.